Filters. We use them everyday. They change how we see people, each other, and the world. One swipe can take a picture from good to great, pretty good to perfect, forgettable to profile picture status. What if the same is true of life? What if we all have filters for viewing each other, our futures, and our God? And what if Jesus desires to change those filters? What if He had a revolution in store for us that started with simply how we see? BigStuf 2017 is an invitation to SEE different, BE different. Are you ready to join the movement this summer?

June 5th – 9th

Cost is only $350

Please sign up and pay your initial deposit by:

March 5th.   $75

Please don’t let money be a reason you don’t go.

We have scholarships available.

The first 9 who sign up are guaranteed a spot and then it will depend on camp availability.

Check out the promo video by clicking the image below.

7611 NASHVILLE ST. RINGGOLD, GA 30736 | 706-935-2358